Destinations populaires en Norvège

  • Oslo

    This Norwegian capital sees full days of sunlight in the summer, while in winter it’s covered in permanent dusk. The gateway to Norway’s most scenic forest, lakes and trails, Oslo has plenty to offer the urban tourist as well. Take a day strolling around the medieval architecture and old churches, and visit the Edvard Munch museum, or the huge Akershus Fortress on the seafront. In town, take in the vibrant cultural scene with excellent dining, fine theaters, and many cafes and pubs.

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  • Bergen

    Bergen is the second largest city in Norway.
    It is located on the south-western coast of Norway, in the county of Hordaland, in among a group of mountains known as The Seven Mountains, although the number of mountains is a matter of definition. It harbors small pleasure boats and cruise ships as well as large cargo and fishing vessels.

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  • Trondheim

    Trondheim is third largest city of Norway. It is situated by the 130 km long fiord Trondheimsfjorden, in the northern part of the country, where winter days are very short, when the sun comes up every day for 4 hours. The best known building is the Nidaros Cathedral, which is the biggest gothic church all over Scandinavia. Noteworthy is archbishop palace, the oldest Scandinavian ecclesiastical building.

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  • Stavanger

    Stavanger is fourth largest city in Norway and it is located on southwestern cost. There is the temperate oceanic climate in this area, the month's average temperatures don't drop under zero. The city is world-known for oil processing and as well the oldest Norwegian cathedral Stavanger domkirke. Favorite place to relax could be many of lakes, which one of them is found right in the city centre.

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  • Sandnes

    The city of Sandnes lies about 15 km south from Stavanger. They both have been selected to be the European Capital of Culture for 2008. The landscape around those cities is similar flat, with some fine beaches, but as well only an hour drive from skiing resorts.

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  • Lillehammer

    Lillehammer is world-known for hosting Winter Olympics 1994. It is located to the north from the Capital Oslo, in about 140 km. It has great ski and outdoor possibilities, that is why is it favorite touristic resort. It lies by the largest and beautiful Norwegian lake Mjosa. In the city centre there can still be seen preserved old wooden houses as well as principal residences. Every second  weekend in September is held the Jazz Music Festival.

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  • Molde

    The town of Molde is situated by the north shore of the Romsdalfiord, on the Romsdal Peninsula. It has maritime mild climate, with quite cooler summers and warmer winters. There are plenty of plants for fish processing, thanks to the abudance of fish in local rivers. In surroundings there are popular areas for skiing and ice climbing.

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  • Kristiansand

    City is located in the very south of Norway and has plenty of sunny days compared to the northern parts of the country. Tourists from Europe come over to the famous fish market or to fish in the surrounded rivers or just to relax on local beaches.

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